Pastor Ize-Iyamu (APC)

Pastor Ize-Iyamu (APC)

If the governor cannot persuade his closest aides and other officials who worked with him personally for four years to support his re-election, how is he going to persuade the people of Edo State he promised security, jobs, and healthcare but failed to provide any?

There is no stronger evidence of failure than the fact that the Governor's own aides and appointees, after four years of observing and working with him, are telling Edo people that he is not the right leader for the State.

Unfortunately, to save face, the outgoing Governor has resorted to brute force and intimidation to coerce people into remaining in his sinking ship. These actions are against the rule of law and represent a bad show of leadership.


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TUNSLA TECH 29 Jul, 2020 42 views